my 13th birthday wishlist!

hii guys:) welcome to my blog! if you’re new here, i’m sateja, and if you’re not, thanks for coming back! i hope you guys are having an incredible day (you can let me know how it’s going in the comments:). when this post is being published, i’ll be on holiday, so i’m writing this the wednesday before it goes out. so anyway, today i am going to share my 13th birthday wishlist! this is just a few things i would like, but i don’t ✧*。expect ✧*。anything really. so anyway, i hope you enjoy reading!

bookish things

  • bookmarks
    i don’t have any bookmarks! they’re so easy tog et and so inexpensive, but i really want pretty flowery ones like these from amazon.
  • obviously, books, so here are a few i specifically would like:
    As Good As Dead by Holly Jackson
    Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M Macmanus
    any Colleen Hoover book! (i already have Verity, It Ends With Us, November 9, Ugly Love, All Your Perfects, and Confess:)
  • a customised library stamp
    i would love one of these! basically, it’s a stamp, which you can customise to say anything you want. i think that’s the coolest, like – imagine when you get a new book, being able to stamp it to kind of like (idk how to explain it haha) ‘mark your territory’ on a book!! you can find them on amazon:)

and that’s pretty much it for the bookish category:)


  • a to-do list pad
    i use one of these every day, and they are so helpful! i absolutely love them and i really want a pink, aesthetic one like this.
  • a weekly planner
    i lovee being able to plan out my week somewhere i can see it all, so these are the best! i actually just finished the one i have:) one i like is this one on amazon!
  • zebra mildliners!
    i have a set of 5 of these, and i really like them. they glide across paper really smoothly, and i love the colours! the ones i have are double-ended, which i love:)

clothes, etc.

  • this smiley face necklace!
    i don’t know why i love it so much, but i was just on amazon one day and i saw this and really liked it, sooo..
  • this taylor swift ring!
    is this not the cutest ring ever?? i would absolutely love to have this. like imagine-
  • any cute, comfortable hoodies
    i only have 2 and i need more:)

i hope you liked this post! my birthday is in September, so this might be a bit early for any birthday content, but oh well.
i hope you have an incredible day and i will see you next time. byee<3

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