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A Letter To My 20 Years Older Self Tag!

Hiii guys:) i got tagged for this by Roshni @It’s The Little Things, and I’m super excited to do this tag! hehe ok let’s get started:)

。⋆。 ゚rules ゚。⋆

  • appreciate the blogger who nominated you (thanks Roshni<3)
  • mention Gauri@BrighterAlleys, creator of the tag.
  • answer the question, which is to write a letter.
  • Now, nominate five bloggers who you think are worth it. Make sure they know that they are nominated.

。⋆。 ゚my letter ゚。⋆

hi Sateja. how are you doing? is everything okay? you’re 32 now. that’s crazy. what’s your life like?
this is me, your 12 year-old self. I hope you’re (or I guess, I’m??) doing well. do you have a dog? where do you live? what’s your job?
and, most importantly, how often do you see your parents, family, and loved ones? are you happy? what’s going on right now? i hope everything’s okay. are you still best friends with everyone from Year 7? i hope so. how are they? are you in contact? how often do you see each other?
what’s your house like? how often do you clean it? do you have the library i’ve always dreamed of, one where the books are all in rainbow order and colour-coordinated? do you have a golden retriever and a blossom tree in your garden?? is there a walk-in closet? do you live with anyone else?
what type of music do you like now? is your favourite song still Seven by Taylor Swift? do you still love Colleen Hoover? have you met her yet!!?? lol i hope so.

is there anything you would say to me now? because i have something to tell you, and a few things to ask you (lol i already asked you so much though!)
did you ever chase your dreams?
if yes, how did it go?
if no, why not?
will i ever master the recipe for cinnamon rolls? i sure hope so.

now for my advice, which you probably find either really corny, cringy or nostalgic.
never stop living. take each day as a new beginning, and always try your best. think before you speak, look before you fall, and sometimes, just take a chance.
did i follow that advice?

see you soon💖

thanks for reading my letter! now for the nominations! haha idk if these people have already been nominated, but here they are:)

also, this is optional, so the nominated people don’t have to do it if they don’t want to!

thank you so much for reading! i hope you enjoyed seeing what i would say to my 32 year-old self, and i will see you next time! bye<3


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hi! i'm sateja and i... have so much to say. which is basically what i do on my blog. if that's interesting enough (which it isn't, really), go check out my blog!

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